Will Anyone Break the Tax Taboo? Levying the Land Laffer’s Right On Taxes - Almost How Much Money Can LVT Raise? Turn the Tide on a Broken Tax End the 1%'s Free Ride: Tax Land

Will Anyone Break the Tax Taboo?

The New Statesman, June 20: How best to raise new revenue? Debate a land value tax; aligning income tax and capital gains; a higher top rate.

Levying the Land

The Economist, June 29:  "Governments should make more use of property taxes. A pure land tax, one without regard to how land is used or what is built on it, is the best sort."

Laffer’s Right On Taxes - Almost

Forbes, 20 July '13: An economist admired by Reagan cites the principle to follow but fails to follow it to its logical conclusion: levy a tax that grows its base.

How Much Money Can LVT Raise?

Slate, Oct 17, 2013, one of the largest and influential center-left political and cultural sites, estimates how much rent exists in the US.

Turn the Tide on a Broken Tax

Blue Oregon, October of 2013, posted another op-ed by our own duo of Tom Gihring and Kris Nelson on fixing the state's clunky tax structure.

End the 1%'s Free Ride: Tax Land

Salon, Nov 22: Want a real overhaul of the tax code? Here's an elegant way to reduce inequality and mitigate poverty -- in one tax.


April 7 Social Gathering

With Oregon Rep. Barbara Smith Warner and Jody Wiser, Exec. Dir. of Tax Fairness Oregon. McMenamin’s on NE Broadway and 15th, 2nd floor, in the Billiard Room. 5:30 – 7 PM. Light appetizers provided. No-host bar (Happy Hour 'til 6pm). See Events for more details.

NERC Study: Tax System Fair?

Beware of what you wish for. Voters limited the property tax which now results in wildly different tax burdens in different neighborhoods. One owner's tax break means another owner's higher tax. The study also noted that where taxes on land are higher, the prices for land are lower. For fairness, voters might want to consider overturning M-50, an idea proposed also by the League of Cities. More info: Tom Gihring < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >

Portland CC on LVT

In early November of 2013, Portland's influential City Club released its study of Oregon's property tax problems. The Club recommends a study of LVT, something HB 2509 would've done. Urge Salem to heed the CC's advice, and urge the CC to recommend LVT itself.

Blue Oregon Redux

The blog site begun by young Democrats has again seen fit to print an op-ed by stalwarts Tom Gihring and Kris Nelson; check it out on the left.

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There are many ways to pitch in to make policy work right for people and planet.

Others in the Field

Dozens of organizations work for putting the publicly-generated site values into the public treasury. They range from Brookings in the nation's capital to the Budget & Policy Center in the Washington that's north of Oregon. All do needed work, all constitute a strand in the thick rope bringing the sharing of land value into the public arena. We've listed the scores in "Links We Like".

LVT and the Built Environment

On Solid Ground

Farmers Fare Well Paying Land Tax?

Get a check from the common wealth?



Property Tax Vs. Land Tax

The Price of Carbon

Re-Solving the Economic Puzzle - Walter Rybeck